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Welcome to The Print Guy's website.

In these few pages we hope you'll find everything you need to know about The Print Guy and how we do things

You'll find images of stuff we've printed, technical stuff, testimonials and, of course, ways that you can contact us. But most of all, you'll see that we are all about solutions.

When you contact us, we'll give you straight answers on how to do what it is you want.

Your Print Guy is Mike Whyte. A print professional with over twenty years experience in the industry. Mike's experience and knowledge is matched only by his enthusiasm for customer service. This is a guy who's office phone diverts to his cell phone 24 hours a day. Mike prides himself on making sure his customers can reach him at any time.

Call today on (09) 948 8408 to get your next print project underway.

(Ohh.. and just to clarify, whilst we print many of our jobs digitally, we aren't a copy centre. There is a BIG difference between Digital Printing Presses and photocopiers. Come and check out the quality of our work to see the difference.)

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